Elastico Tequila Beverage Co.

Welcome to Elastico Tequila Beverage Co.

Welcome to Elastico Tequila Beverage Co.

Welcome to Elastico Tequila Beverage Co.Welcome to Elastico Tequila Beverage Co.

Elastico® Tequila Micro Distillery

Series A Funding Round

 "Let's bring it home! American ingredients, American sources, made by American people. Elastico Tequila is moving production to the US." 

About Elastico Tequila Grille Co.


Elastico Tequila by the barrel, crafted in front of your eyes!

 CEO Dano Veal learned to distill tequila in Mexico.  He returned from his training as a Master Distiller and also returned with the power to start up a chain of distilleries in the USA where he will have more control and insight over how Elastico Tequila is produced.  


Direct to the Customer

Craft distilleries allow the company to sell alcohol direct to customers at retail.  This gives the creators who put hard work into their brews, to serve their spirit the way they intend for customers to experience it.  This also allows for the distillers to benefit from the final price markup.  


One of the Fastest Growing Startups

Elastico Tequila Grille Co. value was at $266k in January 2019, by September 2019 the value increased to $4-million. 

Why the Rapid Growth?


Elastico Tequila Home™

Veal noticed the amount of waste that came from the process of making tequila.  The residual materials that come from production is actually really valuable.  With the parts left over from the blue agave and the parts of the alcohol that's usually burned off or discarded, Veal made very high quality home decor products like all-natural candles, air fresheners, and natural disinfectant sprays.  Given this is the first tequila company to make such an effort, it makes Veal a eco-friendly pioneer.  You can view Elastico Tequila Home™ line of products here. 


Elastico Tequila Hospitality™

Veal has a passion for real estate and hospitality and plans to build themed hotels in the future.  For the now, Veal acquired vacation properties for the tequila label and is in the process of developing Elastico Tequila Themed Smart vacation homes for lodging.  These smart homes will feature products of Elastico Tequila Home™ including wet bars.  The first acquired properties are here. 



Elastico Tequila Grille Co. established vendor / supplier relationships with the following large retailers:  Target, Amazon, Walmart, Wholefoods, and Sears.

Veal also established media rights with Universal Studios and Volkswagen.  

wait there's more!


Californian Luxury Coffee

Coffee and liquor go together, that why coffee shops are now serving alcohol.  Elastico Tequila Grille Co. is taking it a bit further with it's own brand of strictly California grown coffee.  Elastico Tequila Coffee shops are a possibility.  


Non-Alcoholic Organic Beverages

Veal is an organic and health food lover and created organic fruit drinks and teas that are sweetened with raw blue agave nectar.  Agave nectar is noted to be sweeter than sugar while being diabetic friendly.   

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